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All three goals -- two by Haaland and one from PSG superstar Neymar -- came in a nine-minute span in the second half.Haaland, the 19-year-old Norwegian sensation, opened the scoring in the 69th minute after poaching a deflected shot from a teammate and converting into a goal.Another bit of history from Dortmund came with subbing on Gio Reyna, who became the youngest American to play in the European competition.PSG did not stay down for long, however. 3:36 pm ET,at Official UEFA Champions League and European Cup history. Poor defending from Dortmund allowed the star duo of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar pick up an equalizer shortly after Haaland's goal.Neymar's equalizer didn't faze Halaand and Dortmund. 3:27 pm ET,at There are shouts for a corner kick but Navas kicks it from goal.Sancho curls one to the far post from the left side of the box, but Navas's outstretched arms knocks it away from its path.A light tap from Can sends the Argentinian winger sprawling on the ground. Sancho enters the box, crosses it and it bounces off Haaland's outstretched head well wide. 3:12 pm ET,at Marcel Schmeltzer replaces him.Verratti booked. 4:08 pm ET,at The two players went to ground for the ball and an errant elbow from the Brazilian made contact with his opponent's chin.Sancho delivers a pass across goal that could have been easily tapped in had any teammate been marginally closer. What were.First, Mbappé shoots from an impossible angle and Burki grabs the second attempt. He tries to cut left but is ultimately crowded out.The offensive momentum has carried over from the first half for the Germans. Poor defending from Dortmund allows Mbappe to fire a low cross to the Brazilian winger, who finishes it off as cleanly as possible.An excellent cross leads to a shot from Guerreiro. Seconds later, with a five-on-three advatage, Sancho carries it to the edge of the box but then misses his shot wide. 5:14 pm ET,at ☝️.Haaland heads a PSG corner clear, giving the home side a chance to counter. The ball deflects right onto the legs of the teenager, who scores. Nevertheless, the referee awards a free kick, but it curls wide of the near post.While not exactly the cleanest game so far, both PSG and Dortmund have shown desperate attacks in an attempt to try and strike first early. Mbappé then passes back-and-forth with Neymar and fires a shot on goal. 4:12 pm ET,at He had open teammates.Neymar goes down well after a defender attempted a challenge. Neymar came close to an equalizer late in the second half, but Dortmund's lead held firm.Sancho goes off with a slight limp. 4:40 pm ET,at 4:18 pm ET,at 4:47 pm ET,at 3:10 pm ET,at All Rights Reserved.CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Commissioner.com is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc.site: media | arena: soccer | pageType: stories | The referee gives Can a firm talking to--for what, I have no clue--but does not produce any cards.Can falls after Verratti pokes the ball away from him in the box. Record-setting Haaland leads Dortmund past PSG. 3:16 pm ET,at The crowd wanted a call, but no call came.We've got our first major roll-around of the match from the Brazilian winger.¡Ufff! Moments later, the Parisians continue to burn any goodwill they might have had with the referee after Thiago Silva takes a light hand to the face and rolls on the ground in agony.¡Baaaaajan! 3:38 pm ET,at Di Maria se tiró un hermoso caño y luego le hicieron falta.Bad PSG giveaway to Can starts a break for the home side. 3:48 pm ET,at 4:48 pm ET,at Season-by-season guide, extensive all-time stats, plus video highlights of every final to date. Pero... le pegó un poquito chueco al final.Neymar gets carded for a foul on Witsel. 4:54 pm ET,at 4:05 pm ET,at 4:35 pm ET,at The result is a great Burki save.¡Jugadóóón de Kurzawa! 3:29 pm ET,at Hakimi flies past Kurzawa and into space on the right, but dribbles the ball too close to goal. This yellow for the Italian means he'll miss the second leg of the duel, along with Meunier.Thomas Meunier booked for pulling down Reyna.The Brazilian winger does well to break through Dortmund's shaky defending to get a shot only for it to rattle off the outside of the post.It's Haaland again for the German side who, just moments after conceding, had not let the equalizer break them down. 4:34 pm ET,at PSG appeal for offside but to no avail.Giovanni Reyna comes on, replacing Thorgan Hazard. Esa pelota pasó cerquiiita nada más... ¡Primer aviso de Neymar! Moments later, Haaland ran towards goal following a steal. Have your say on the game in the comments. Navas deflects the ball out of play.A relatively uneventful first half given the scoring acumen of both sides. 3:01 pm ET,at Erling Haaland continued his stellar start with Borussia Dortmund scoring twice to lead them to a 2-1 win over PSG in the Champions League. He's 17 years old. 4:28 pm ET,at UEFA Champions League Match Report for Borussia Dortmund v PSG on 18 February 2020, includes all goals and incidents. Recently acquired Erling Haaland was the hero for Dortmund as the German side beat PSG 2-1 at home Tuesday. They're back on top with 12 minutes to go.Who else but Neymar? A powerful charge towards goal resulted in yet another goal for Haaland, this time from a powerful blast outside of the box for one of the best strikes of the UCL season.The closest PSG came to a late equalizer was an attempt from Neymar in injury time, but the French side couldn't capitalize. 4:24 pm ET,at section: | slug: borussia-dortmund-vs-psg-score-champions-league-highlights-haaland-makes-history-as-german-side-gets-edge | sport: soccer | route: live_blog_single | 3:23 pm ET,at 4:26 pm ET,at Paris Saint-Germain - FC Barcelone (15/03/1995): Paris v Cruyff and Barcelona! 6-keys: media/spln/soccer/reg/free/stories_live-blog.Please check the opt-in box to acknowledge that you would like to subscribe.at Borussia Dortmund vs. PSG score, Champions League highlights: Haaland makes history as German side gets edge The 19-year-old Norwegian scored twice for … 4:39 pm ET,at This is Reyna's Champions League debut. ... Paris vs Dortmund preview. 4:09 pm ET,at But each defense has held firm.Tuchel knows the challenges Signal Iduna Park will present for his club, which has struggled in Europe despite having one of the wealthiest and most talented squads over the last handful of years.© 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain saved the excitement for the latter half of their Champions League round of 16 first leg. 2:12 pm ET.I agree that CBS Sports can send me the "CBS Sports Daily Newsletter" newsletter.Covering the impact of coronavirus on the sports world. 3:46 pm ET,at Can't help but wonder if the pass was intended for another teammate.Haaland strikes a powerful shot to the near post on the left side, but it hits the side of the netting. Sancho came the closest with his curling shot but that's pretty much it.Witsel gets the first yellow of the day after shoving Di Maria to the ground. First Team 6 May 2020 Crvena Zvezda - Paris Saint-Germain (11/12/2018): Into the volcano 3:20 pm ET,at These two teams will meet again on March 11 with a spot in the quarterfinals on the line.⚽ Borussia Dortmund - Erling Haaland (69', 77').An incredible match that packed all of its action in a convenient span of 21 minutes. 4:21 pm ET,at

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