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The range of treatments offered to people with tongue cancer includes surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and clinical trials. Nationally recognized expertise. Base of Tongue. The SEER database tracks 5-year relative survival rates for oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers in the United States, based on how far the cancer has spread. It usually takes years after being infected with HPV for cancer to develop. The most significant risk factors for floor of mouth cancer are tobacco and alcohol use. The oropharynx, at the back of the mouth, forms a circle and includes the base of the tongue (posterior third) below, the tonsils on each side, and the soft palate above, together with the walls of the pharynx, including the anterior epiglottis, epiglottic valleculae and branchial cleft at its base. Tongue Cancer Prognosis. HPV can infect the mouth and throat and cause cancers of the oropharynx (back of the throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils). The cancer may involve the lymph nodes, but it has not spread to other parts of the body (T4b, any N, M0). “The majority of tonsil and tongue base ("throat") cancers are HPV-positive, but smoking is still a major risk factor. Typically, non-smoking patients with HPV-positive tonsil/tongue base cancers present with a lump in the neck, implying that the cancer has already spread to lymph nodes. The base of tongue refers to the back one-third of the tongue that continues down the throat. After tongue cancer surgery, there are possible results that may still require some attention. I was diagnosed with cancer of Right side of Base the tongue on August 16 or 17 2016. If the cancer does come back (recur) at some point, your treatment options will depend on where the cancer is located, what treatments you’ve had before, and your health. Generally the prognosis of tongue cancer greatly depends on factors such as physical health, response toward treatment, and the stage of cancer the patient is in. A success cancer removal on the tongue will normally cause no trace of cancerous cells left behind. More than 700 people with tongue cancer receive care at Mayo Clinic each year. Treatment started about September 26 or so 2016. with chemo (erbitux) and radiation. The base is the part of the tongue that extends down the throat, and the oral tongue is the front of the tongue. Tonsil cancer can develop as squamous cell carcinoma or other rare cancers such as lymphoma or sarcoma. Cancer has not spread to other parts of the body (any T, N3, M0). HPV is thought to cause 70% of oropharyngeal cancers in the United States. The patient's race has a large impact on her or his tongue cancer prognosis. Tongue cancer prognosis is not influenced by which part of the tongue the cancer afflicts. Men are diagnosed with floor of mouth cancer three to four times more often than women. treatment ended on … The tongue is made up of two parts. Tongue Cancer Survival Rate. Base of tongue cancer surgery is necessary for those who have small tongue cancer. The survival rate of tongue cancer is 50 percent. The floor of mouth is a horseshoe-shaped area under the tongue, between the sides of the lower jawbone (the mandible). This is called oropharyngeal cancer. The American Cancer Society relies on information from the SEER* database, maintained by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), to provide survival statistics for different types of cancer. Treatment for tonsil cancer may include TransOral Robotic Surgery (TORS) and/or radiation therapy with or without chemotherapy. Mayo Clinic doctors have extensive experience caring for people with tongue cancer. There are other cases in which cancer cells are still left behind. I had no symptoms back then, only lymph nodes were swollen. If the tongue cancer is detected in the early stage, the prognosis is good. Cancer of the floor of mouth accounts for 28-35 percent of all mouth cancers. The tumor has invaded the muscles and bones that form the mouth or the base of the skull, and/or it encases the internal arteries. Stage 4b. For more information on how recurrent cancer is treated, see  Treatment Options for Oral Cavity and Oropharyngeal Cancer … • Surgery-In patients with an oral or oropharyngeal cancer, the extent of resection of the oral tongue and tongue base has been found to be related to swallowing ability; ie, the more extensive the resection, the worse the swallowing function.

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